What’s Your Che Factor?

Che-Factor-Logo-2Welcome to the Che Factor: the quiz that measures how closely your choices match up with Che Guevara’s. Your answers are not necessarily right or wrong, just how closely they correspond to some of the decisions made by Che Guevara as guerilla leader and revolutionary. Many of the responses are just, in some cases even humanitarian, but they are not necessarily the path chosen by Guevara.

There are 5 scenario questions asking you to choose between 4 different outcomes. These are loosely based on actual events that took place during Che’s life. What path will you choose?

After answering these five questions you will be given a score between 0 and 15. The scale and your score are explained at the end of the test. The higher your score, the more your choices were like Che Guevara’s.

So, what’s your Che factor?

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Question 1 of 5

Che-Factor-Quiz-1-2You have been trudging through the jungle for weeks, leading a group of armed comrades through leech-infested waters, battling with pesky insects and wildlife as you try to evade enemy scouts that relentlessly hunt for you. You finally reach a small and remote government outpost of a regime that you are seeking to destabilize and eventually overthrow. They are a corrupt colonial power that has been terrorizing and exploiting the indigenous people for decades. Surprisingly, the small government garrison looks weak and unprepared. You:

Question 2 of 5

Che-Factor-Quiz-1-2You are attempting to recruit international support and money for your struggle. Radicals and revolutionary-minded citizens in “advanced” capitalist countries are listening along with the corporate media. Millions are watching you from all sides of the political spectrum and this is an important opportunity to build international solidarity. When dealing with the media, some of your comrades have asked you to soften your stance and be careful not to alienate any potential supporters. You:

Question 3 of 5

Che-Factor-Quiz-1-2Victory is at hand. The last remnants of government and imperialist forces are on the run. Your brothers and sisters-in-arms have all made tremendous sacrifices. Comrade leaders of the various revolutionary guerilla groups are meeting before a final advance. A number of proposals are put forward for a post-revolutionary government. You favour:

Question 4 of 5

Che-Factor-Quiz-1-2Only a short while after seizing power in a glorious revolution you have taken up a leading administrative post at the behest of the new President of the People’s Republic. The imperialists have scattered but their spies and sympathizers lurk about trying to retake control. These are dangerous times. As you enter your office to start work a deafening blast knocks you off your chair and shatters your window. A bomb has exploded outside your office building and dozens of your fellow citizens lay screaming in the street. You are a doctor and can help but the revolutionary government cannot be compromised before it has begun. Your staff implores you to flee immediately before another bomb explodes. “You are too valuable to the revolution!” they cry. You:

Question 5 of 5

Che-Factor-Quiz-1-2It is time to consolidate the new revolutionary government. The criminals and murderers of the old regime have been rounded up and imprisoned. Many of them have terrorized and killed your people. They have acted in the interest of a despotic ruling elite and the people now demand justice. The President appoints you to the position of Minister of Justice and asks you to personally oversee the trials and executions of these traitors. Not only are they criminals but the longer they live they pose a risk to the revolution. The world is also watching to see how the new regime treats its enemies. You:

Remember, each multiple choice answer is ranked on a score of 0 to 3 points. 3 represents what Che would have most likely done, while 0 represents what he most likely would NOT have done.

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